Текст 1.

Exuse me, may I come in?

— Yes, of course. Sit down. So, what’s your name?

— My name is James Smith.

— How old are you?

— I am 20 years old.

— Well, James, where did you work before?

— I worked as a cashier in McDonald’s.

— Are you quit yourself or somebody fired you?

— I quit myself. The work distracted me.

— Okay. So you haven`t got experience in selling cars.

— That’s right.

— You must understand that we need skilled workers.

— It seems to me, that I won`t get this job. But, I think that there is a good candidate for this place!

— Who are you talking about?

— My father knows the machines well. Moreover, he has a lot of free time!

— Okay, how old is your father?

-He is 45.

— Hmm … I think we’ll call you back later.

— Okay. Be sure to call. Here is his number: 81341341313.

— I need to write down his name and surname.

— Oh sure. His name is George Smith.

— Thank you so much.

— Thank you.

— Have a nice day!

— Bye!

— Bye!

Текст 2.

Good morning, Miss Jones. So you applied for a job in our team. Am I right?

Yes, I did. I sent my resume for a position of a restaurant manager.

That`s good. I`d like to know a bit more about you. Probably you could tell us about your education first.

Well, I left school at 17 and then for the next five years I studied at Kazan Federal University. I graduated the Department of economics with high honors and was qualified as a manager of enterprise. And after that I did a one-year computer course.

Well. Your education sounds great, Miss Jones. And have you got any experience? Have you worked before?

Certainly. First, I worked as a manager at children’s clothes shop. I stayed there for four years and then I moved on to my present company. They offered me a job of a manager in a big cafe.

That`s very interesting. Why aren’t you happy with your present job, Miss Jones? Why are you going to leave them?

Well. The salary isn’t so bad, I must admit. But the work schedule isn’t convenient for me. And I often do a lot of overtime there. Besides you have an excellent reputation and I hope to have more opportunity and growth potential in your company.

I see. Do you mind business trips? And are you fluent in Italian or German?

Oh, foreign languages are my favorites. We did Italian and German at the University and I use them when I travel.

Very good. Can you tell me about your good points then?

Well… I start my work on time. I learn rather quickly. I am friendly and I am able to work under pressure in a busy company.

OK. That’s enough I think. Well, Miss Jones. Thank you very much. I am pleased to talk to you and we shall inform you about the result of our interview in a few days.


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