The condition of the atmosphere in some area in a certain interval of time is called weather. Weather is characterized by elements and phenomena. Weather elements are the following: air temperature, humidity, pressure. There are natural phenomena as well: wind, clouds, atmospheric precipitation. Sometimes the natural phenomena have extraordinary, even catastrophic character, for example, hurricanes, thunder-storms, heavy rains, tornadoes, droughts.

Weather is characterized not only by elements and the phenomenon, but also their combinations. At an identical temperature, but at different humidity of air, with precipitations or without any precipitations, with the wind or without it weather won’t be identical.

Climate influences plants, people and animals. Scientists consider that the climate is now hotter than it was a dozen centuries ago.

The climate in different parts of the world changes a little from year to year. There are some seasons existing and each season has its own characteristics. In different continents seasons have the features and are different.

Sometimes people don’t know what to talk about, especially when they have a language barrier. But you can still do a small talk based on some common easy topics, even if you know the language badly. Oneofsuchsubjectsisdiscussingtheweather.

Полезные выражения:

Atmosphere — атмосфера

phenomena — природные явления

humidity — влажность

atmospheric precipitation — атмосферныеосадки

hurricane — ураган

thunder-storm — ливень  сгрозой

drought — засуха

to influence — оказыватьвлияние

a language barrier — языковойбарьер

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