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Инструкция по выполнению задания: на выполнение заданий отводится 45 минут. Записывайте ответы в краткой форме. Постарайтесь выполнить как можно большее количество заданий.

Задание 1. Прочитай фразы. Подбери к каждой фразе подходящую ответную реплику.

— Hi Jeanne!   How are you?

 — (1)

 — I’m also well, thanks! How’s the weather in Ottawa today?

 — (2)

— You know, as usual. It’s quite foggy and chilly.

 — (3)

 — How is summer in Ottawa?  

 — (4)

(a) — I’m fine, thank you! And how are you?

(b) — It’s a fine weather, but it’s a bit rainy. How about London? Is the weather good there?

(c) — Yes, summer in London is gorgeous. 

(d)- Well, it is nice, of course. It can also rain sometimes or be cloudy, but in general it’s warm and sunny.

Задание 2. Установите соответствие между словами и их эквивалентами:

rain cloud                                                  depletion                                        downpour                                       ecosystem                                       flooding                                          gloom heat                                                   air                                              crones                                        desertification                                                    frost                                           grass                                           hill                                              экосистеманаводнениетьмажарадождьистощение  ливеньтучатрававоздухзаморозоккроныхолмопустынивание

Задание3: Выбери верный вариант ответа

Задание 4. Заполни пропуски там, где нужно артиклями.

Задание 5. Заполни пропуски правильной формой слов.Self-care

We live in the era of 1________________ advances in “self-care”. IMPORTANCE
What you need is new information. There is so much you can learn to have a 2________________ life. Then you can fulfill your needs in health easily and routinely as part of your normal way of life. HEALTH
It is more and more obvious that 3________________ kinds of treatment and cures in the world cannot bring lasting health if you are not willing to live an existence without diseases. DIFFER
Years of physical damage – smoking, drinking, overeating, the wrong food, lack of rest or exercise – can only interfere with good health. Emotional instability is also incompatible with good health. And when the result is ill health, drugs are only 4________________ aids. ADDITION
To repair the damage of disease, or more to the point, to prevent it, you must live more 5________________ CARE
It is possible that you know this already. But you must also know how to use that instinctive 6________________ KNOW


Litter is garbage – like food, paper and cans – on the ground or in the street. Where many people live together, litter is a problem. People don’t always put their garbage in the bins. It’s easier to drop a paper than to find a bin for it. But litter is ugly. It makes the city look dirty, and it spoils the view.

        The wind blows papers far away. Often they are difficult to catch. When they blow against a fence, they stay there. This fence is a wall of garbage.

          Litter is a health problem, too. Food and garbage attract animals, which sometimes carry disease.

         Some people want to control litter. They never throw litter themselves, and sometimes they work together in groups to clean up the city. In most countries litter is against the law. The law punishes people who throw garbage in the streets. They usually pay a fine, and occasionally they go to jail.

         Two famous sayings in the United States are: “Don’t be a litterbug!” and “Every litter bit hurts!”

Прочитайте следующие утверждения. Определите их соответствие  тексту.

1) Litter is a problem among people.         

             a) true              b) false         c) not stated

2) Garbage makes our cities look awful.

             a) true              b) false         c) not stated

3) There are special bins for different garbage in the streets.

            a) true              b) false         c) not stated

4)  Papers are easy to catch.

            a) true              b) false         c) not stated

5) Garbage attracts sick animals.

           a) true              b) false         c) not stated

6) People don’t care about litter.

           a) true              b) false         c) not stated

7) Groups that clean litter are in every city.

          a) true              b) false         c) not stated

8) There are no antipollution laws.

         a) true              b) false         c) not stated

9) In some countries people are punished for dropping litter.

         a) true              b) false         c) not stated

10) The saying “Don’t be a litterbug!” asks you not to drop litter in the streets.

         a) true              b) false         c) not stated

Наземный транспорт

  1. bicycle [‘baɪsɪkl] — велосипед;
  2. bike [baɪk] — велосипед; мотоцикл, мопед, мотороллер;
  3. moped [‘məuped] — мопед;
  4. motorbike [‘məutəbaɪk] — мотоцикл;
  5. car [kɑː] — машина;
  6. lorry [‘lɔrɪ]; амер. truck [trʌk] — грузовик;
  7. bus [bʌs] — автобус;
  8. taxi [‘tæksɪ] — такси;
  9. train [treɪn] — поезд;
  10. tram [træm] — трамвай;
  11. underground (train) [‘ʌndəgraund]; брит. tube train/tube [ʧuːb] — метро;
  12. van [væn] — фургон;
  13. tanker [‘tæŋkə] — автоцистерна;
  14. pickup [‘pɪkʌp] = pickup truck — пикап (легкийгрузовиксоткрытымкузовом);
  15. tractor-trailer — фура;
  16. tractor [‘træktə] — трактор, тягач;
  17. fire engine — пожарныйавтомобиль;
  18. car transporter — автовоз.

Водный транспорт

  1. boat [bəut] — лодка, судно;
  2. yacht [jɔt] — яхта;
  3. catamaran [ˌkætəmə’ræn] — катамаран;
  4. canoe [kə’nuː] — каноэ, байдарка;
  5. gondola [‘gɔnd(ə)lə] — гондола;
  6. ferry [‘ferɪ] — паром;
  7. barge [bɑːʤ] — баржа;
  8. ship [ʃɪp] — корабль, судно;
  9. sailboat [‘seɪlbəut] = sailing boat — парусноесудно, паруснаяшлюпка (парусник);
  10. sub [sʌb], submarine [ˌsʌbm(ə)’riːn] — подводнаялодка;
  11. trawler [‘trɔːlə] — траулер;
  12. hovercraft [‘hɔvəkrɑːft] — суднонавоздушнойподушке;



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